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Quick Start Guide
  1. Submit a civilian application (Visa Application) to become whitelisted on our servers.
  2. Once your application has been processed and accepted, conduct an interview with a Support Team Member (Department of Immigration).
  3. If you passed your interview, you are now welcome in Australia! You now have the opportunity to download the client mods and start playing.
Welcome to Australia! It's now time to choose who you will become.
What is ArmA Life RPG: Australian Life?
Australian Life is an ArmA III total conversion Hardcore RP modification made by a team of indie developers here at ArmA Life RPG. Using the ArmA Life RPG: Roleplay Framework (mission) and ArmA Life RPG: Client Mod we look to create a Hardcore RP experience that resembles Australia and New Zealand like no other. We're redefining what what it means to be an ArmA III RP mod.
What is ArmA Life RPG: Australian Life?
Australian Life
is an ArmA III total conversion
Hardcore RP
modification made by a team of indie developers here at ArmA Life RPG. Using the ArmA Life RPG: Roleplay Framework (mission) and ArmA Life RPG: Client Mod we look to create a Hardcore RP experience that resembles Australia and New Zealand like no other.
We're redefining what what it means to be an ArmA III RP mod
ArmA III Mod Requirements
  • Armed Assault 3 (ArmA III)
  • TeamSpeak 3
  • 16 + years old.
  • Speak & understand English.
Key Features
  • Free to Play (no paying $30).
  • Hardcore RP, no exceptions.
  • Whitelisted servers.
  • Choose who you want to be.

Hi all, as Bryce has pointed out, we are hosting a Pre-Alpha session for you guys. I am writing this to give you some information and things to keep in mind while you play.


There is a bug report section on our forum, feel free to use that; you can also PM me any bugs you find in the mission file as you play. However, a lot of the unfinished / unconfigured modules will be removed from the Pre-Alpha to support performance of the server.


Since this is a pre-alpha, roleplay isn't expected from you all, as it is just something small to let you all see exactly what it is we have been doing. However you may roleplay if you wish.

Pretty Barren

There won't be all too much to do, which is why Police Whitelist will not be active, all you have to do is walk to the Police Station in Eden and at the front door is an NPC at which you can go on Duty. From there you can proceed to the garage and purchase what you need. Respawning is also set to instant, so there is not medical system and you will respawn instantly if you die. Siren controls are F1,F2,F3 when you are in a Police Vehicle.

I do implore that you do not judge our final product on tonight's pre-alpha as this is months of work on background systems as what we've created is in every sense a framework(Which is a collection of libraries / systems to support development, not just a "life mission" lol). 

Why we are doing this.

A big reason why I agreed to this is that we do not have enough information on what the mission is like with players on it. We've had internal tests, but that was in a more controlled environment, this is just letting everyone loose. Our server sided logging system will tell us as much information as we need to know from this.

We are also losing the server box for a week due to the lack of funds to keep the server running. So we might as well let everyone see at least a scratch of what we've been up to on our spare time.

It might be sh*t, might not be.

I cannot comment on how good of an experience it will be, since I've spent countless hours building this framework so I cannot have an unbiased view. So with that being said, I do hope that you will send me and the taem some feed back, whether it be a public post so that others can pitch in on your opinion, or in private to me. Any kind of feedback is much appreciated :)

Change on times

The server will be left on until our hosting company(Streamline Servers) takes it down on Wednesday. It will go up and down during this time as I will be updating it to calibrate it to what you guys need. If we can raise at least $250 AUD to pay for the server between now and the time the server is taken offline, We will leave the server up indefinitely and you will all be able to watch us update the mod every day :D

If there's any game breaking stuff ...

If there's anything that doesn't let you play that isn't a feature, please do tell one of the staff members. I will be awake until early in the morning to make sure this goes smoothly as it can.

Weapons & Killing

There are currently no weapon shops in the mission at this time as items are yet to be mass created and configured which will take a hefti amount of time. This Pre-Alpha idea is all pretty sudden to me so I will have no time to do so. However, do feel free to join with MCC or another mod in case you and your friends want to have a small gun fight. 

HOWEVER - Anyone who is seen to be creating too much of a mess of things will be removed from this Pre-Alpha. So if you are going to do something disruptive to other players, make sure you have their consent to do so as some people might just want to have a tour around the island and do their own thing. Administrative staff will be on until late to enforce this.

Australian Life Pre Alpha!

Bryce posted May 27, 16

With my promotion to Admin I bring great pleasure in saying that the wait is over. We finally have a working mission file to place on our server!!! Tomorrow night we will be holding a 4 hour testing session to get feedback from the community. Please keep in mind that this is a Pre-Alpha and is just to gain knowledge and feedback from the players. Below are the things you need to keep in mind when considering in partaking in the Alpha.

The server will be up from 8:00Pm - 12:00Am NZDT on the 28 May 2016.

How can I join?
The Alpha will only be available to regular community members by submitting a civilian application here SIGN UP although if you would like to donate to support us in paying for the servers please click HERE.

How will we download the mods?
The mods have now been removed from the steam workshop.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and one of our staff members will try their very best to answer.

Thanks for your patience,
The Arma Life RPG Crew

Now accepting Stripe payments!

Kangaro0 ADMIN posted May 14, 16

We now accept all major credit cards for donations through our payment partner Stripe.

Hi all,

I'm currently on holiday for the week, so progress this week will be slow. However, it is 3:30am and I'm bored so I thought I'd get a lil bit of PR action ;)


Over the past weeks, I've been upgrading our mission file to be as optimized as possible. As it stands, only about 3 out of the 132 module-based functions are a bit heavy on performance. 3 out of 132 is awesome sauce. I've also gone and changed our module builder to resemble that of the default ArmA III function processor. There are lots more benefits to using our module builder rather than using the cfgFunctions method of creating functions.                                                                                                                         I've also begun transition over to the existing Australia v4 map as a reference. It's been decided that we are going to wait for Version 5 of Australia to be released before we release our mod, as v5 has a lot of improvements and cool stuff added in by Aussie(; 

Mods & Models

The Anti-Steal has been successfully integrated into any applicable addons, and in the framework. Paired with the popular Obfuscator in Mikero's PBO Tools, our mods are virtually impossible to use without our say so. While we wait for Australia v5 to be released, I will also be creating more vehicles.                                                                             Now, I get asked if we are "ripping" from other games vehicles for use in our mod. In short, yes. Though we have had some awesome people provide us with some exclusive vehicles, we must also use vehicles from other games, as they are built specifically for games and they are easier to push out in ArmA III. The option of purchasing every vehicle we create is very much real, but that would require us to follow in what other communities are doing and forcing payment for play. For a free mod, we must use free content. For a paid mod, we must use paid content. However, after our bills are paid every month, we will dedicate the left over to purchasing content for our players.

Release Date

In my previous post I noted that we could expect something around Mid-April. However, due to our financial situation we cannot buy servers to facilitate our mod. Before we can release our server we must have the funds to purchase a Dedicated Server in Australia(Upwards of $200AUD), a Virtual Private Server(~$40AUD); We must also wait for Australia v5 to be released so our map features can be adapted to the new layout.

So What Else?

So I got asked by someone, if the Australian Life mod was only limited to Australians? The answer is no, that would be silly. I'm not silly, just stupid ;). Anyhow, we encourage the international community to check us out when we release. It may be a bit of a change for those international people however, since we drive on the left side of the road and all. But in all seriousness, we aren't trying to be the next huge thing. We're not in it for the money like other communities; we just want to do something that hasn't been done before and bring it out for people to play on our servers. Which brings me to my next topic, I got called out on YouTube(i think?) for implementing Anti Steal on the mods. They claim that we are trying to make it so that people have to play on our server to play our mods. My response: Damn right. Myself and all those involved with our mod, but internally and externally wouldn't appreciate every other community ripping our stuff to shreds for the sake of making a bit of money(Sorry for being so harsh); that's not how I roll. 

/rant and


Troy Walker Donnzy SUPPORT straight up, your the only one nzvirtual has allowed to use our models and we are tightasses around our unlocked files....

Hi all,

Wanting to let out an update on where we are at with things, and approximately how long we have left until we can show you all something :)


As you may or may not know, instead of following suit with everyone else, we are creating a brand new life framework from the bottom up. No code or resemblance to anyone else's mission. This is what is taking us so long to push things out, as we have a very small development team compared to others.
As it stands, everything is going well with framework development, All of our obsolete systems have been replaced over the months with the ArmA 3 updates being rolled out.


Along with our framework, we are also creating the vehicles for our mod. Including exclusive vehicles such as the Holden VE & VF Commodore Series, Holden Omega and Sportwagon, Scania Fire Engine Fleet, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and many more!

Release Date

With progress going at the pace it is now, I would place a safe estimate in roughly Late March to Mid April provided we are at where we want to be.

How can you help?

As our Development Team, and Management Team have their own lives, We cannot go to them for finances to our servers. Particularly, Myself and Kangaro0 both have college, and real lives to tend to, meaning we cannot give much of our own income to support this project, sadly. We are currently accepting donations to help put funds towards the required services such as: Dedicated Server, TeamSpeak 3 Server, Download Servers etc. All support we get from our soon-to-be players will be rewarded when we push a release out.

Thank you all :D

Troy Walker Donnzy SUPPORT Ive got some modelling stuff needing doing that you'll also be able to use for your project koha provided
Ben Harris Im hoping to get some money rolling in soon for some stuff I worked on awhile back. Not sure when I will get it but ill ...
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