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Goodbye & Thank You
DEADdem and Kangaro0
Goodbye & Thank You
DEADdem and Kangaro0
Official ArmA Life RPG Server.

There will be no official ArmA Life RPG server at this stage. All development updates will be posted to Github, and we encourage everyone to help continue this project in its Open Source form.
Community Hosted ArmA Life RPG Servers.

We encourage communities to build upon our work, credits must be properly given to the lead developers 'DEADdem' 'Kunta Kinte' and 'Kangaro0'. A list of community hosted servers is available on the forums.

We don't mind that you use our mods and addons on your multiplayer servers.

But you must credit us appropriately e.g. 'ALR_{addon}.pbo made by'.


mike63x Yes, I will second that... Where did the download go?
Charles Douglass Hello, Where can I download your ModPack please ? Have a good day ...

Download via forums.

Will be released periodically.

ArmA Life RPG

Kangaro0 posted Aug 11, 15

In light of recent events, many situations could of been handled differently that would have not led to this outcome. Actions of representatives of ArmA Life RPG were unacceptable and the ultimate consequence was to suspend all ArmA Life RPG services.

To all the people who have taken time to apply and try out this mod in the past two to three months I truly appreciate the feedback you have given us, the constant bug reports that have kept us busy and the time you have taken to try something completely new.

Once again thank you for trying out my and my fellow developers work, which may not have been complete or bug free, but we hope we were able to provide a glimpse into the possibilities of ArmA III as a sandbox and the roleplay modification that we were able to create.

We are very proud of what we were able to achieve in under two months, and hope you will not forget the unique features and possibilities we believed we opened up.

Thank you from all the developers, past and present of ArmA Life RPG.

I will personally continue development in my spare time, and allow other communities to host our multiplayer modification (mission and addons).

The ArmA III game server and TeamSpeak 3 server have been suspended. The website will remain online indefinitely.

A new ArmA Life RPG server will return shortly.


Edit: The final development view I recorded, a couple of the cars still needed fixing.

_Buddy I am wanting to host this in Australia/New Zealand we lack Roleplay servers and I think this would be quite the hit.
LoyaL To all the staff that will read this I will say one thing. The staff on this server were one of the friendless and most ...
Wolf mctavish oh dayum had my interview back in January sad day iv stuck around this long waiting for it ...
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